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  Affiliated research institutes

Ph.D. Degrees Awarded During the Academic Year 2002-2003 


Name of  the Candidate  Thesis Title Name of the Guide Departments/Institutions
 Shri Chetan Charudatta   Samant  “Characterisation of Glow Discharge Plasma For Treatment of Metal Surface.”  Dr.V.H.Kulkarni,  University Department of Physics,  Mumbai.
 Shri Satyaranjan Santra,  “Coupled Channel Effects in Carbon induced Reactions at near Barrier Energies.”  Dr.S.Kailas,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri M.Leo Jayanth Kumar,   “Solid State Spectroscopy of Some Doped Systems.”  Dr. A.G.Page,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri Ravikumar Daduram  Nagarkar, “Influence of  various Processing Treatments on Physic-Chemical Properties of Textiles.”  Dr.Rajan P.Nachane,  Central Institute for Research on  Cotton Technology, Mumbai.
 Shri Kallol Mukharjee,  “Timing Studies of X-ray Pulsars Using Detectors on Board the Indian X-Ray astronomy Experiment.”  Dr.P.C.Agarwal,  Tata Institute of Fundamental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri ashwin Kumar Sinha, “Studies of Large Scale Oscillations in the Magnetosphere”  Prof.R.Rajaram,  Indian Institute of Geomagnetism,  Mumbai.
 Shri Subham Majumdar, “Magnetic Behavior of Rare-Earth Compounds”  Prof.E.V.Sampath  Kumaran,  Tata Institute of Fundamental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Rajesh R, “Aspects of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Directed Percolation and Aggretation Modles”  Prof. Deepak Dhar  Tata, Institute of Fundamental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Satyaki  Bhattacharyya,  “Search Fort Scalar Leptons Using the L3 Detector At Lep”  Prof. Sunanda   Banerjee,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Chiranjib Mitra, “Study of magnetism in Some Rare-Earth and Transition Metal Based Intermettalic Compounds and Oxides”  Prof.S.K.Dhar,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Murali Sheshadri “Radiation Dosimetry and Radition Damages in Solids Using EPR Techniques”  Dr.M.D.Sastry,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Smt.J.Padma Nilaya, “Development of Repetitive Widely Tunable Single Mode Tea CO2 Laser Its Application on NH3 Laser and Related Studies”  Dr.D.J.Biswas,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri Sukratu  Anil Barve, “Gravitational Collapse”  Prof.Pankaj S.Johsi  Tata Institute of Fundemental   Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Prashant Shukla,  “ Dynamics of Quark-Hardon Phase Transition”  Dr.Kailas  Swaminathan,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,   Mumbai.
 Shri T.Palani Selvam,  “Some Problems in the Dosimetry and Standardisation in Medical Applications of  Photon Sources”  Dr.P.S.Nagarajan,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Kum.Neeti Harimohan  Kaushik, “Applications of Computerized Color Match Predictions in Colorant-Using Industries”  Prof.C.J.Jahangirdar,  University of Mumbai Institute of  Chemical Technology, Mumbai
 Shri Avinash Ramesh   Bhangale, “Preparation and  Characterization of Oxide Superconductors and its Study”  Dr.V.S.Shirodkar,  The Institute of Science,  Mumbai.
 Shri Durgadas Gangadhar  Bagul, “Monitoring of Radioactvity in the Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility : Instrumental aspects and Applications”  Dr.A.G.Page,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri Vinit Chandrakant   Erram, “Magnetic Mapping of Basement of India”  Prof. B.P.Singh,  Tata Institute of Fundemenatal   Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Gursharan Singh, “Gamma Radiometry and Radiography of Process Columns and Related Systems”  Dr.M.D.Sastry,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Kum. Shampa Sarkar,  “Vortex State Studies in Conventional and High Te Superconductors”  Prof.Richard Pinto,  Tata Institute of Fundemenatal   Research, Mumbai.
 Shri T.Arun,  “Geomagnetic Signatures at Antartica – Diagnostics of Internal and External  Fields”  Dr. (Smt.) Girija  Rajaram,  Indian Institute of Geomagnetism,  Mumbai.
 Shri Rajendrasingh Rajesing  Deshmukh,  “Studies in Plasma Processing of Polymers and their Applications”  Prof..N.V.Bhat,  University of Mumbai Institute of   Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
 Shri Anup Purnachandra   Lohani, “Surface Studies of Transition Metals Lanthandies on Crystaline Surfaces”  Dr.Varsha  Bhattacharya,  University Department of Physics,  Mumbai.
 Shri Bahniman Ghosh, “Nonperturbative Methods in String Theory and Field Theory”  Prof. Sunil Mukhi,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Nemani Venkata   Suryanarayana, “Strings Branes and Geometry”  Prof. Sunil Mukhi,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Anwar Aziz,  “Optical and Electrical  Properties of Molecular Organic Semiconductors”  Dr.K.L.Narasimhan,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Saubhik Datta, “Growth of III-V semiconductors and their Optical and Electrical Investigations”  Prof.B.M.Arora,  Tata Institute of Fundemental   Research, Mumbai.
 Shri Sudesh Shrikrishna  Bhagwat, “Preparation of HTSC Thin Films and Electrical Measurement”  Dr.V.S.Shirodkar,  The Institute of Science,     Mumbai. 
 Shri Dilip Pal, “Magnetic Phase Diagram in Type-II Super conductors”  Prof. K.L.Narasimhan,  Tata Institute of Fundemental  Research, Mumbai.
 Smt.Rajalaksmi Das,  “The Vibrational Spectra of Disordered Solids”  Dr. Sureshchnadra  J.Gupta,  University Department of Physics,  Mumbai.
 Shri R.Motilal Nehru, “Studies on Physical and  Dosimetric aspects of Intertitial, Intracavitary and Intraluminal Applications”  Dr.A.S.Pradhan,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Smt.Rita Amarnath Gharde, “Investigation of Liquid Crysalline Prperties using Fabry-Perot Etalon and other Techniques”  Dr.S.J.Gupta,  University Department of Physics,  Mumbai.
 Smt.Vandana A.K.Phulani, “Distribution of Radionuclide in Soil-Plant System”  Dr.U.C.Mishra,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,   Mumbai.
 Shri Uday Kumar, “Lasing and Spectroscopic Properties of Laser Dyes in Sol-Gel Glasses”  Dr.(Smt.)  A.V.Deshpande,  University of Mumbai Institute of   Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
 Shri N.Suresh, “Some Investigations  under Shock Pressure”  Dr.S.K.Sikka,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri Sopanrao Bhikoba  Jadhav, “A Study of the Effect of Design Modification on the Ginning Out-turn and Lint Quality in Double Roller Gins”  Dr.K.R.Krishna Iyer,  Central Institute for Research on  cotton Technology, Mumbai.
 Shri K.N. Govindarajan, “Development of Chambers, Tools and Procedures for the Standarazation of Brachytherpay sources”  Dr.B.C.Bhatt,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Shri Balkrishna Keraba   Ankush, “High Resolution Studies of Spectra of Lanthanides”  Dr.S.A.Ahmad,  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,  Mumbai.
 Kum.Rashmi Ramesh  Panhalkar, “Lasing Action in Dye Embedded Sol-Gel Glasses”  Dr.(Smt.)  A.V.Deshpande,  University of Mumbai Institute of   Chemical Technology, Mumbai. 





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