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The objectives of the Orientation Programme are to enable the newly appointed teachers to :

a)   Understand the significance of education in general and higher education in particular, in the global and Indian contexts


b)   Understand the linkages between education and economic and socio-cultural development with particular reference to the Indian polity where secularism and egalitarianism are the basic tenets of society

c)   Understand the role of a College / University teacher to achieve the national goal of a secular and egalitarian society

d)   Acquire and improve basic skills of teaching at the College / University level


e)   Utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity


f)    Promote computer literacy and internet knowledge


The topics that are covered under various segments at UGC ASC, University of

Mumbai are:

1.  Teaching learning methods, Microteaching, Communication skills, Teacher beyond the classroom, Useful websites for teaching and research, Examination reforms & student evaluation, Research methodology etc.

2.   Education, social justice & social reforms, Field visit to any distress center, Environmental issues, Disaster management, Secularism, Science & society, Issues and challenges of Media, Gender issues, Human Rights

3.   University system, Issues and challenges in higher education, Computer practicals (PowerPoint, advanced word which includes preparing a question paper and saving it with a password, and excel for preparing mark sheets, percentage, percentile e.t.c.), IT laws & Internet security, Workshop on e-content development.


4.   Transactional analysis in education, Dealing with students, Stress management, Time management e.t.c.

Important Features:

  • A two day workshop on e-content development.
  • Visit to any distress center like old age home, orphanage, spastic society, blind school e.t.c. to sensitize the participants to the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • Visit to TIFR is arranged where the participants attend a lecture on “Science and its impact on our society” and they are also shown the various labs where research is being done.


It is envisaged in NPE that an opportunity should be provided for the teachers to keep abreast with the latest development in their subjects and also that there should be a forum for teachers to exchange ideas with their peers. To achieve this objective UGC ASC, University of Mumbai organizes Refresher Courses in various subjects with the help of concerned departments after selecting the themes and the appropriate curriculum which reflects the thrust areas in the respective disciplines. Resource persons are drawn from renowned institutions like TIFR, TISS, BARC, BSE, IIT, MUICT and from other industries, government bodies, cultural centers in addition to faculty from the university departments and colleges.



1.   Orientation Programme (OP) : Newly appointed teachers upto six years of continuous  service and all those teachers who require OP for getting higher grade can participate in this programme.


2.   Refresher Course (RC) : Participation in Orientation Programme is a prerequisite for admission to RC. Thereafter, after a gap of one year they can opt for a Refresher Course.


3.   There should be a minimum gap of one year between two courses, though it may be relaxed if it is essential for the teacher to fulfill eligibility conditions for career advancement.


4.   Temporary / adhoc / part time / contract teachers who have been teaching for at least three academic sessions in an institution which has been affiliated to a University for at least two years can participate in the Orientation Programme / Refresher Course to enhance their skills.


5.   Teachers have to be nominated by the concerned Principal of the College / Head of the Institution for considering the participation in the course.


6.   The teachers selected for the programme are to be treated as on duty with full pay and allowances by the concerned institution for the entire duration of the course.


The Orientation Programme will be of four weeks duration, with 24 working days and 144 contact hours (Six hours a day). The Refresher Course will be of three weeks duration, with 18 working days and 108 contact hours (Six hours a day).


Every participant is required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 500/- for all the programmes. The fee must be paid only after selection and by D.D. payable in Mumbai to the Director, UGC Academic Staff College, University of Mumbai.



The selected teachers must confirm participation in writing, accompanied by DD as per the date specified in the selection letter. Otherwise admissions are liable to be cancelled.


Attendance is compulsory and the participants will be required to observe complete punctuality. No absence of any kind is permissible.

There will be continuous evaluation of the participants and grades will be indicated on the certificates. The following are the grades:

1. A - 75% and above
2. B - 60% to less than 75%
3. C - 50% to less than 60%
4. F - Below 50%
Teacher participants who get "F" grade are required to repeat the programme after a gap of one year without financial commitment to UGC Academic Staff College.

Hostel accommodation is provided to outstation participants only if advance request is made with the application.




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