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The main philosophy of UGC for Academic Staff Colleges is to keep in mind that the teacher is central to the system. While it is universally accepted that the teacher is the pivot of the educational system, our system does not provide adequate opportunities for their professional development. It is, therefore necessary to develop inbuilt mechanism to provide opportunities for teachers within the framework of knowledge society. It is also accepted that a teacher must not be confined only to transmitting information; she/he must also orient students to meet the challenges of life, to not merely become a trained professional, but also a better citizen.


UGC Academic Staff College, University of Mumbai was established in the year 1987 as a national programme of the University Grants Commission of India to cater to in-service training programmes for the faculty in various disciplines and plays a crucial role in the development of teachers. UGC Academic Staff College (UGC ASC) conducts Orientation Programmes and organizes subject based Refresher courses for college/University teachers. UGC ASC, University of Mumbai is located in the heart of Mumbai, the commercial capital of our country. By virtue of its position this ASC is uniquely placed in the availability of the resource persons and also on the composition of the teacher participants. Resource persons are drawn from renowned institutions like TIFR, TISS, BARC, IIT, BSE, ICT, industries, government bodies, cultural centres in addition to the faculty from the Universities in and around Mumbai. We have participants coming from widely varying disciplines and backgrounds and their coming together in our programmes provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas which in turn results in all round development of the teachers.
From 1987 till date, it has been a long journey wherein our ASC has crossed several milestones and overcame various challenges to become an institution renowned for the quality of its training programmes. We have so far conducted 105 Orientation Programmes, 242 Refresher Courses and other Short Term Programmes benefitting more than 14,500 teachers. This was also acknowledged in the recent NAAC review which took place last year wherein we have been ranked 7th amongst 66 Academic Staff Colleges in the country with score of 62 which is the highest amongst all the Academic Staff Colleges of the Western States of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. However, we do not wish to rest on our laurels but continue our endeavors to serve the teaching community and realize our vision and achieve our mission.

Our vision: "To transform the teachers into inspirational role models for the young and impressionable students, who in turn will create a just and equitable society that will be progressive and secular"

Our mission: "Our UGC Academic Staff College will be an institute that will strive continuously to achieve academic excellence through it programmes - an institution committed to preserving and enhancing the core values of the teaching profession. Through our programs we will equip the teachers with necessary skills to meet the ever mounting challenges of higher education and inculcate in them the pride of belonging to this noble profession and become role models for generations to come."


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