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The Department offers MA, Ph.D., and Advanced Diploma courses.

The department offers M.A. course in psychology. The M.A. Part I provide opportunity to carry out rigors study theoretical aspect of psychology whereas M.A. II presents an exiting world of applied specializations. Students study one of the four specializations namely clinical, counseling, industrial and social in M.A. II.

M.A. I

It involves in-depth and advanced study of theoretical papers of psychology. Students acquire skills of intervention that are useful in any area of psychology. They involve skills from insight-oriented, cognitive, humanistic and several other approaches. Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of human thinking are also studied at advanced level. Attempt to developed the understanding of research methods and statistics among them is made, which is crucial to any psychologist for making contribution to the knowledge fund in the field. Students are encouraged to design and carry out experiments and testing in the laboratory to obtain and refine these skills. Apart for this, students are also required to make presentations in seminars on various advanced topics.


Students have to choose one of the four specializations viz. clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and social psychology.

Clinical Psychology:

This is group A. Students obtain skills of assessment, diagnosis and therapy during this one year. Students also practice these skills with clients from various hospitals. They learn to use and interpret various psychological tests like Rorschach, MMPI, BGT, WAIS and many others for assessment and diagnostic purposes. An in-depth understanding of psychopathology, etiology and symptomatology, is developed among them. The paper on therapeutics provides a chance to study various therapeutic approaches. The skills and knowledge they have obtained are practiced with the clients in the hospitals as a part of fieldwork. Students are required to write file about the cases they have handled on the field and carry out research project.

Counseling Psychology:

This is group B. Understanding of counseling and guidance is central feature of this specialization. Students are appraised with different areas (like career, workplace, exceptional individual and many other) in counseling. Students are given an opportunity to study special areas (like addiction, LD, sexual and marital and many more) in counseling. Students are equipped with various assessment techniques like intelligence, projective, personality along with non-standardized methods of assessment. The paper on therapeutics provides a chance to study various therapeutic approaches and practice them. Students are required to write file about the cases they have handled and carry out a research project. Students practice their skills in the field and also carry out carrier exhibition/ conference.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology:

This is group C. Students learn the principles of personnel management and HRD and apply them in organizations to increase productivity and better quality of work life. They also learn to develop and implement various personnel systems and programmes in an organization. Students also obtain in-depth understanding of principles, issues and interventions in organizational behavior. Learn to practice organizational behavior and organizational development principles to improve organizational effectiveness. They are posted in corporate sector where they practice the skills they have learned in theory papers and develop skills of behavioural training and consultancy. They also carry out small research project.

Social Psychology:

This is group D. In this specialization students learn about social and interpersonal problems, assessing the individual and groups, and intervention approaches to handle these problems. Students obtain in-depth understanding of social psychological concepts and social problems. Students are also acquainted with applied social psychology areas like sports, health and community psychology and many more. They also obtain assessment skills at small group level as well as at individual level. Students also learn social psychological interventions, which involve self-related, interpersonal, small group and conflict management, and community interventions. They are placed in various organizations for field work and also carry out small research project.

Papers for MA course in Psychology


Paper I. Systems and skills for the interventions in psychology

Paper II. Cognitive psychology and neuropsychology

Paper III. Research methodology and statistics

Paper IV. Experimental and testing psychology Practicals.


Group A: Clinical Psychology

Paper V. Psychopathology

Paper VI. Psychodiagnostics

Paper VII. Theraputics

Paper VIII. Clinical psychology practicum

Group B: Counseling psychology

Paper V. Counseling psychology

Paper VI. Assessment in counseling and guidance

Paper VII. Therapeutics

Paper VIII. Counseling psychology practicum

Group C: Industrial Psychology

Paper V. Personnel and human resource management

Paper VI. Organizational behavior

Paper VII. Organizational development

Paper VIII. Industrial psychology practicum

Group D. Social Psychology

Paper V. Concepts in social psychology and social problems.

Paper VI. Applied social psychology and assessment in social psychology.

Paper VII. Interventions for social psychology

Paper VIII. Social psychology practicum


Department offers Ph.D. course in Psychology. For the details please contact the office.

List of the recognized guides in department.

Dr. Gautam Gawali

Dr. Satish Kumar

Dr. Priscilla Paul

Dr. Anuradha Sovani

Advanced Diploma Courses

  The department of Applied psychology also run Advanced Diploma Courses in various applied areas of psychology, namely Clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial psychology, and social psychology. These courses are designed to meet the challenges of advanced education in applied psychology. The student who had complete MA level training in the area if applied psychology always needs advanced training to be effective practitioner. Considering this demand the advanced diploma syllabi is designed. The Advanced diploma courses are:

1. Advanced Diploma Course in Clinical Psychology

2. Advanced Diploma Course in Counseling Psychology

3. Advanced Diploma Course in Industrial Psychology

Nature: The advanced diploma courses are full-time and not correspondence course is available. Students are expected to conduct practicum in the field. They are also required to complete a dissertation. The diploma courses are self-financed in nature.

Eligibility: This is a post-graduate course. The minimum qualification required for applying to the Advanced Diploma course is M.A. in psychology. Students who have completed their MA in a particular specialization will be preferred for the Advanced Diploma course in that specialization. For example, students completing MA with counseling psychology will be preferred for Advanced Diploma in counseling psychology.

Students having MA degree in psychology from other universities recognized by Mumbai University can also apply for the course provided they satisfy eligibility criteria lead down by the university. They have to obtain and submit eligibility certificate.

Attachments to the form: A completely filled form with attested copies of BA mark-lists, Degree certificate, MA mark-list and MA degree certificate and caste certificate (required in case of reservation students) has to be submitted to the office. Incomplete / incorrect forms will not be considered.

The Advanced Diploma Courses are self-financed courses.

Currently department offers Advanced Diploma Course in Counseling.

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