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Advertisement of Diploma & Advanced Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies & Vipassana
International Seminar On Contemporary Buddhism
Lecture Series by Prof. Purushottama Bilimoria
Organizes an International Workshop Contemporary Political Theory: Indian & Western Perspectives
Organises an International Workshop on Approaches to Buddhist Ethics
World Philosophy Day on Monday 8th December, 2014
Organizes a workshop on Vippassana Meditation "Self-knowledge through Self-observation"
Inaugural Workshop on 'Classical and Contemporary Buddhism: Philosophy and Applications'
Notice For Net / Set (Philosophy) Workshop
A talk by Lord Bhiku Parekh Political Philosopher & Emeritus Professor Universities of Westminster & Hull on 'Ethnocentricity of Modern Western Political Theory'
Workshop on Sufi Philosophy
Seminar on 5th September
One year Part time Certificate Course in Indian Aesthetics
Diamond Jubilee Celebration Bombay Philosophical Society
Buddhist studies & vipasana basic
Certificate Course In Philosophy Of Communal Harmony And Social Peace
One year Part time Certificate Course in Indian Aesthetics

Profile of the Department

The post-graduate Department of Philosophy is one of the youngest department on campus and was started in March 1986, by the University of Mumbai. Since then it has expanded its activities to even provide foundation and diploma courses in disciplines like Yoga, Jainology, Buddhist Studies, Indian Aesthetics, thus disseminating interest in the cultural and philosophical foundations of the epistemic, linguistic and metaphysical heritage of humanity.
The discipline of Philosophy, which is both ancient and contemporary, is indispensable in current academia. Nevertheless, its practical import is apparent in all walks of life, such as national policy decisions, corporate management, media, law, ecology, gender, science, technology; in cultures and traditions that we inherit and also in those that influence us. None of these can function without sound and critical philosophical foundations.
Being holistic in nature, Philosophy is necessarily interdisciplinary in its outlook. To encourage this, the Department offers an Entrance test in the month of June / July to students seeking admission from disciplines other than Philosophy. Details of the entrance exam are available in the department office.

Dr. S.S. Antarkar

Dr. Antarkar was the first Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy. He retired in 1991. He rejoined as Honorary Professor of Jaina Academy Educational and Research Centre in the year 1995 and retired in the year 2004.
The Department offers a variety of Certificate/Diploma Courses in Indian Philosophy initiated due to the efforts of Dr. Shubhada Joshi. The Department has attracted donations from private funders such as the Jaina Academy U.K. and the Bhagirathi Trust in India. With the help of these donations the Department has set up Chairs and Research Centres dedicated to the Philosophy of Jainism and Vaishnavism.
Some of the courses depend on donations, although most of them are self-supporting courses. Many of our post-graduate students avail of these courses and many of the students from these courses also avail of our post-graduate programme as continuation of their interest in Philosophy.

Computer Lab: 09 Computers ; 09 Printers
Equipments: O.H.P. 03; L.C.D. 02; Laptop 02
The Department of Philosophy has a good collection of books donated by Professors like Dr. Chubb, Dr. S.S. Antarkar and other distinguished Professors from the Philosophical community. We also have volumes of the Encyclopedia of Philosophy for reference as well as past issues of various Philosophy journals.
The department provides facilities for the following post-graduate courses in Philosophy:
I. M.A. (by Papers) 4 Terms : 2 years
II. M.A. (by Research) 4 Terms : 2 years
III. M.Phil. (Partly by Papers and Partly by Dissertation) 3 Terms : 11/2 years
IV. Ph.D. (by Research) 4 Terms : 2 years (Minimum)

The Department also provides the following one year Certificate and Diploma Courses:-
(1) Diploma in Foundation of Yoga
(2) Advanced Diploma in Yoga
(3) Certificate Course in Jainology
(4) Diploma in Jainology
(5) Certificate in Vallabh Vedanta
(6) Diploma in Vallabh Vedanta
(7) Diploma in Buddhist Studies
(8) P.G. Diploma in Indian Aesthetics
(9) P.G. Diploma in Communal Harmony & Social Peace

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