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In 1886, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta and Justice Triambak Telang voted a motion in the Senate of the University of Bombay to introduce French language and literature as a subject at the Bachelor of Arts. In 1964, University of Bombay started a Foreign Languages Department. An independent Department of French was created in 1993.



French is one of the first foreign languages to be taught in India. Established in 1964, the Department is one of the few departments in the country to specialize in French as well as francophone literature. In 2005, the Department started its first Under Graduate programme in French Studies at the University. This course is specially designed to cater to students who are interested in specializing in French language, literature and culture. They can choose from a wide variety of subjects:  art, history, tourism, business French, literature, translation and contemporary French society. Moreover, the course also makes provision for the students to take up one additional foreign language (Italian/Spanish/German/Arabic). 

Our department strives to recreate a French ambiance in an Indian context through courses in French language, literature and culture at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. Also, training in language skills (oral and written) is offered through Certificate Diploma, Advanced Diploma courses in French (one year duration). The Department also offers part-time courses in other romance languages: Certificate Diploma, Advanced Diploma courses in Italian and Spanish (one year duration each). Masters and Doctoral programmes (French) are also offered. Interdisciplinary and comparative research are the thrust areas.


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