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XI International Conference of Indian Society for Theatre Research
राष्ट्रीय प्रतिशीर्ष महोत्सव २०१४ लोकशाहिर अण्णाभाऊ साठे जयंत


To impart scientific knowledge of Folk Lore and Performing Folk Arts

To encourage the professionalism in performing Folk Art field.

To create the academic ambience in Performing Folk Art field.

To encourage the research , documentation and development work in PFA field.

To create the powerful link between traditional approach and innovative approach .

To create an additional avenue of self-employment for students of the University of Mumbai and also to benefit the cultural arena by providing it with suitably trained persons in the field of Performing Folk Arts.

To prepare students to exploit opportunities in the field of Performing Folk Arts, Folk Performances Administration, Folk Research and exploit the possibilities of mass education and communication through Folk Performances which will help students to work with print media and electronic media through Folk-Culture background.

To train all round folk-theatre professionals, who will provide leadership to the folk- theatre culture of the country and work as facilitators for National and International folk-theatre.

The Academy will also undertake to plan and implement master courses and certificate courses in the field of Performing Folk Arts.

Profile of the department

Grant :-
Lokkala Academy has received one time grant to set up Shahir Amarsheikh Adhyasan (Chair). The grant is one crore fifty lacs rupees from Higher Education Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra in 2007.

Internal resource generated :-
Lokkala Academy under the banner of Shahir Amarsheikh Adhyasan has initiated Documentation of Shahir (Balled singers) who had a great contribution for freedom movement of nation and freedom movement of Maharashtra. The shahirs whose contribution towards ballads are recorded are Padmshri Shahir Sable, Lokshahir Vitthal Umap, Shahir liladhar Hegade, Shahir Atmaram Patil etc.

Unit Cost of education, Innovation in teaching :-

Innovation in teaching through demonstrations and workshops in folk festivals either organized by department or by Govt. agencies.
Lokkala Academy has organized Parampara festival in the year 2007 & 2008 and tradition of organizing Parampara festival will continue in future. This parampara festival is organized in the month of January with the help of West Zone Cutural Center and Cultural Affairs dept. govt. of Maharashtra.
There were about 125 folk artists allover India including Padmabhushan Tijanbai assembled for Parampara festival.
Dept. has organized workshops on folk songs, folk dances and folk plays during Parampara Festival in which exponents of folk music, folk drama Dr. Ashok Ranade, Prof. Kamalakar Sontakke, Guru Parvatikumar, Padmabhushan Tijanbai imparted knowledge to students.
This workshop was Inter disciplinary in nature where students of Theatre Arts, students of Music Dept. participated in workshops.

Teaching staff ratio

(Lokkala Academy)

Teacher : Two
One Reader
One Lecturer

Visiting faculty (Adjunt Faculty) : Two

Student ratio : 30. This year we have Seventeen students.

Non teaching staff ratio: One Peon

(Shahir Amarsheikh Adhyasan)

Non teaching staff ratio: Two employees
Research Co-ordinator
Artist Co-ordinator

Vidyapith Vidyarthee Bhavan, 3rd flr.,
Shobhanath Mishra Marg, 'B' road,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020.
Phone No. 022 - 22871788.

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